Digital Detox

Social media has a powerful way of influencing our lives. Sometimes we look at other people’s life and wish we were living it. Or sometimes we log on to our social media and see things that affects our moods. Digital detox is a great way to clear your head and hear from God more.


Spend sometime alone with God. God wants a relationship with you. Being around people and doing different things can draw a wage between you and God. Meditating on him daily will give you a strong relationship with God. You will feel better and be ready to get back to your daily activities.

Detach to Attach

“………Man shall not live off of bread alone….”-Matthew 4:4

Fasting from food is a great way to hear from God. Sometimes we are so full of food that there is no room for God to enter our body. Turn your plate and see how well you hear from God. You will not regret it.

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